Street Smoothie

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Our Brand Story

Story begins when the founder, as great barista and mixology expert of over 15 years with amazing passion in the beverage industry that made him see the future of the industry in a different way.

Being awarded as the South Asia Barista Champion in 2007, he saw the potential of revolutionising the beverage industry through more nutritious and tasty drinks catering to the demands of the new foodie market, making his first step in Malaysia by creating unique and tasteful Smoothies called “Street Smoothie” with very confident tagline “Fruity and Milky” - that speaks highly about the taste positioning of the new brand. He call it Street Smoothie simply to connect consumers easily by making them available in all streets in Malaysia.

Being from a traditional background, it is the belief that quenching one’s thirst is always a good blessing for the soul. Street Smoothie is set to meet the market, thrill them up, and rock the industry!

Comes with variety of flavours and has very good customer service! I really recommend you to get your favorite drinks here!

Faiz Idris
Satisfied Customer

Absolutely loved their smoothies! I tried the Dance Monkey smoothie and Matcha Dei Ice Blended. Can give 11/10!

Kumareson Balasubramaniam
Satisfied Customer

One of the best stores around and the owner is very kind! I love the smoothies over there and I will come as much as possible. Very clean stall and fresh smoothies!

Daksh Vora
Satisfied Customer

I've tasted the super berry flavour drink and it is super duper good and refreshing , and because of that I would love to try another flavour in the future . All the best STREET SMOOTHIE <3

Farah Huda
Satisfied Customer